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October 30, 2020


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Customer Feedback
I really gotta give it up to these guys. They produce great work! Shirts came out spectacular! Shipping was fairly quick. So i definitely would refer them to anyone looking for screen printing done. -- Candice Murray / Valyermo, 91563
One of the best places to get custom printing done is here! Ordered from them a few times and they've always produced great work. I dont think ill ever switch services. Thanks guys! -- Naomi Delerie / Rosamond, 91560
Once again you guys did a wonderful job on the shirts. I know i can trust you guys to produce great quality work. See you guys again soon. -- Robert Tasker / Pearblossom, 91553
I love you guys. You really made my day. Was going through some ruff times untill i got my shirts. It just put me in a happy mood! The shirts look great! Thank you! -- Marie Neilman / Liano, 91544
Loved the artwork you guys did for me. Really looks professional. Cant belive its actually my shirt! I hope to see you guys soon. Thanks again. -- Huey Dimante / Littlerock, 91543
There was a slight difference with the paper proof and the actual product. It was like a shade off but i didnt mind, since it looked better haha. Thanks for the good work guys! -- Melody Wilcons / Lancaster, 91539
Shirts came out great! cant ask for more. Really did a super job. Even the packing was nice.-- Gordon Trusk / Acton, 91510
Outstanding job guys! I definitely love how my design looks on a shirts. I know i can sell these! once i do, i will definitely come back for more. -- Jaheed Mores / Claremont, 91711
I thought the shirts were pretty decent. They look like what you would see in malls. The brands are authentic, since i ordered American Apparel and new how their tags look like. I will assume they are all legit. So good job guys. Thanks. -- John Ngo / Studio City, 91614
These guys are definitely one of the best! The shirts came out terrific, you couldnt ask for me. Well maybe more shirts! Anyway, i bookmarked them so ill see you guys soon! -- Billy Chamberlin / Universal City, 91608
Super job on the shirts! Love how you guys made my image much cleaner than before! I will have to go to you guys again! -- Andrew Millen / North Hollywood, 91605
Thank you so much for doing a great job on the shirts! I really love how they turned out! I'll definitely order again next year. -- Janice Hemley / Burbank, 91503
Thanks for doing a good job! Shirts were exactly how i pictured them to be. I'll have to start making more ideas for shirts! -- Carl Lopez / Sherman Oaks, 91495
I kind of wish i had ordered more. Shirts came out too nice. Im pretty sure they will sell fast. Thanks for doing a great job guys! -- Emily Broddock / Panorama City, 91412
I thought the shipping was kinda slow, being that we are located in the same state. But i guess you gotta keep in mind the turnaround time. well, got my shirts and they look good so im very pleased. Thank you! -- Heather Wood / Van Nuys, 91404
I called in wanting to order a few shirts but didnt have the artwork for it. So i requested for them to design one for me and when i got it, it wasnt one of those cut out tacky looking artwork. You can tell they really put some work in it. Anyway, shirts came in fairly quick and the quality is A+. Cant complain. -- Lawrence Wilkins / Canyon Country, 91387
Hmm, only bad thing i found with them is the box my shirt came in is labeled weird, like its a box for fortune cookies but other than that Shirts are great and the shipping was fast. -- Jessica Kaine / Valencia, 91385
If you're looking to do a few shirts, you should try another place. These guys have a minimum of 12 shirts and this is on most of their apparel. Anyway, they have a setup charge that would easily be stacked up and seem over price but understanding the process they go through to make the imprint, i understand. I requested a 4 color front and back imprint, so if you calculate it, it would be 28 dollars times the amount of colors on the imprint. So you see what i mean. So to get to the point, their service is great. I would definitely re-order.  -- Oscar Periote / Santa Clarita, 91382
Seems like theres no room to complain since my shirts came out nicely. So good job! -- Albert Lamestone / Calbasas, 91372
Yo! Great work on the shirts. I really appreciate the extra work you guys did on the shirts. The look great! Will have to order again next year. -- Jackson Lo / Woodland Hills, 91365
I usually dont leave feedbacks but because these guys did their job so well, i had to drop them one. Shirts are what you expect from the brand you choose. The color of imprint is a good match on the proof. Shipping was fairly quick. All in all, great company! -- Grace Kimmel / Westlake Village, 91362
 Shirts came, they look great. Hope they sell! <3 -- Amy Lampher / Tarzana, 91357
Got a few shirts to promote my band. Didnt have an artwork ready so i asked them to create it for me. They sent me a proof and it looked great! I just specified what i wanted and they winged it. Got my shirts and its just what i wanted. I will definitely order more shirts again. -- Josh Spencer / Sun Valley, 91353
Service is moderate, i think i may have spoken to a new guy, had to be put on hold to get my awnsers. I was transferred to a better rep and placed the order. Just got my shirts and i will agree with the rest. Quality is really good. So besides the new guy, these guys ROCK! -- Tom Lakeley / Mission Hills, 91346
Came across these guys on yahoo. Didnt think they were all that great but i placed an order for 12 shirts just to see how they are up to par with the good reviews. So i got my shirts... and they are NICE! i really got to commend them for their imprint work. Knowing the ins and outs of screen printing i could easily differentiate what is good and what is bad. Great job guys!  -- Cameron Kellog  / San Fernando, 91341
You can definitely put your trust in these guys to produce high quality shirts. The outcome of the imprint is very impressive. You would think with bulk orders, you may have a few shirts with some loss of color but with these guys, all my shirts came out with the exact impression. Marvelous! Thanks guys! -- Linda Humford / Reseda, 91337
Love the shirts. Cant complain. Excellent! -- Nick Bailey / Pacoima, 91316
These shirts are top notch! Given the brand is American Apparel. The imprint came out wonderful and shipping was fast. I definitely approve of these guys. They know what they're doing!  -- Taylor Hibbs / Northridge, 91328
Service is exceptional. Quality of the shirts is good. Would order again.  -- Mark Cambridge / Santa Clarita, 91321
The shirts came out nicely. Quality is what i expected.  -- Marie Ellis / Encino, 91316
Theres no mistaking. This is one of the best places to get your custom t-shirts done. Shirt quality and quality of the shirt can be compare to those that you find in department stores. Im happy with my product, so to anyone who is still hesitant, DONT BE!  -- Laura Green / Chatsworth, 91313
Good quality prints, not to my surprise really. After reading a few feedbacks, I knew i had to order some shirts. Definitely will order again.  -- Peter Ellewood / Castaic, 91310
These guys are pretty fast on replies, so the service is great. Never felt like a stranger, so it was great working with these people. I received my package and to no surprise i got what i expected. Quality work! the imprint is very lively and not dull like most prints ic at department stores. Bookmarked them and will definitely work with them again. --  Richard Belling / West Hills, 91308
Quality is pretty good, especially for the price. You cant complain. The service was decent. I would come here again. -- John Whilks / Winnetka, 91306
The service is very friendly, i think i laughed the whole time when i was placing the order haha. Anyway i got my shirts and yup, quality work. Was surprised being that this place is actually one of the cheapest. Thanks guys! -- Candy Vu / Canoga Park, 91303
To my surprise, the quality of their work is that of stuff you see in department stores. When i received my package, i was expecting to see a dull imprint but instead the image was actually very rich with color. Im very pleased of the work these guys did on my shirts. Would recommend them to anyone looking to get screen printing done. -- Albert Rojah / Calabasas, 91302
Having little knowledge about screen printing,  I talked to one of the representatives and they assured me the quality of their work. So i placed the order on the spot -- Priscilla Muerta / Sunland, 91041
This place is definitely a one stop shop. I browsed through their inventory online and was interested in a few pens but non really suited my companies style, so i called for an inquiry and they sent me a ton of choice. I ended up ordering about 250 pcs. Once i received them, i was amazed of the quality on not only the pen but the screen print. Definitely a good place for promotional items. Thanks guys!  -- Huey Miller / Agoura, 91301
Great place to get custom t-shirts printed. I was a little presumptuous with the turnaround but to my disbelief they shipped it on time. I had a good sized order, about 100+ t-shirts. You would think the quality of the shirts would diminish after so many being produced, but each one was pretty much identical to one another. Definitely bookmarked this place.   -- Greg Lowman / Glendale, 91046
Yup, definitely the place to go for custom t-shirts. Shirts will come out lookin top notch. Shipping is decent. So go with them for shirts!  --  Cathy Liu / Tujunga, 91042
Service is definitely great, not to mention the shirts. They came out just the way i wanted them. As for shipping, was a lil slow but i doubt its there fault.  -- Priscilla Muerta / Sunland, 91041
Ordered a few shirts for a friend farewell party. Used a photo image for imprint and it came out nicely. I thought it would be more dull and opaque but the print was very vibrant and full of color. Came on time. Definitely will order again.  -- Jason Palimo / South Pasadena, 91030
Best shirts ever! imprint colors are vibrant! Really great company to work with!  -- Adam Lo / Long Beach, 90814
Quality of the shirt is good. The imprint came out nicely. Shipped very prompt. So no problems here. -- Emily Tanning / Signal Hill, 90755
Loving the shirts. Great quality! Fast shipping!  -- Nick Baker / Wilmington, 90744
Ordered a few shirts to get embroidered for my small business. The turnout of the shirts is definitely good. Ill probably order more when i have the funds. -- Thomas Lopez / San Pedro, CA 90733
Shirts came in sooner than expected and they turned out nicely. Thanks guys! -- Troy Bennett / Torrance,  CA 90502
I will definitely go to them again for shirts. Quality is excellent and the imprint was amazing. Shipping was pretty fast as well. Thanks guys! -- Marle Dullan / Santa Monica, CA 90404
Quick and easy. Just gave them my artwork and the breakdown of shirts and the next thing you know my order is already in the production line. Got my shirts super quick! and they look badass! -- Bryan Young / Inglewood, CA 90306
Took awhile to get my shirts, but then i realized my approval was done last week, so it was about the correct time for me to receive. Anyway, shirts are better than expected. Service was exceptional. I would order again. -- Louis Reed / Marina Del Ray, CA 90292
Shirts are spectacular! Came in day before i needed them. Service is top notch. Cant ask for more. Thanks! -- Cory Talon / Venice, CA 90291
Great service! Low cost! Fast turnaround! Love the shirts! Thanks guys! -- Richard Montford / Topanga, CA 90290
Got my shirts fairly quick! Shirts came out wonderful! I want more shirts! -- Matt Medina / Torrance, CA 90278
I found the service was exceptional. The process took awhile but that was due to slow emails on my end. Product itself is great. Only thing id change is the brand of shirts. Next time i'll request Hanes. -- Barbara Felds / Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA 90275
I ordered through phone. Called in asking a few questions about the quality of their imprint and shirts. Service was excellent. Procedure was pretty simple. Shirts came in on time. Definitely a place to go to get screen printing done! -- Adrian Brown / Rolling Hills, CA 90274
Shirts came on time! I knew it was last minute but these guys really pulled through, party went without a hitch. Thanks guys! -- Abigail Parker / Pacific Highlands, CA 90272
My shirts came in and they look great! Thanks guys! -- Tony Jacobs / Maywood, CA 90270
Shirts came in on time! and they look better than expected. Will definitely order again! Thanks! -- Jennifer Bennett  / Manhattan Beach, CA 90267
Got a few shirts for a bachelor party. Fellaz dig em. So if i ever need more shirts done. I know where to go. -- Jeremy Kellog / Malibu, CA 90264
Received my shirts. Came in a pretty sturdy box with some decent packing. Imprint came out nice and the quality of the shirts are great. Service is good. Will order again. -- Brad Powell / Lawndale, CA 90260
Thanks for the rush job guys! Excellent work on the shirts! Ill order again soon! -- Malory Brooks / Hawthorne, CA 90251
Shirts from this place is superb! Quality of the shirts are great! not to mention the imprint. Im very pleased to have gone with these guys, they definitely know what they're doing. -- Carl Hughes / Gardena, CA 90249
You guys did a great job with the shirts! my friends and i are loving them! Thanks guys! I'll definitely order again! -- Valerie Dominguez  / El Segundo, CA 90245
I ordered a few polo shirts for my small business. They turned out nicely even though they were screen printed. Im planning to order more shirts. Thanks guys!  -- Larry Barnes / Culver City, CA 90230
Service at q-gifts is pretty good. Called in with a few questions about the quality of their shirts. Explained to me the different types like 5.4 oz and 6.1 oz. I ended up ordering a jersey style shirt. Got my shirts on time and they look great! The printing was much better than i had expected. -- Paul Evans / Beverly Hills, CA 90209
Im student, studying to become a graphic artist and i needed a shirt printed for a marketing project i need to do. I browsed their site and noticed there was a minimum of 12 shirts, so i called in asking whether they can do single shirts since their price is fairly low. They said no but for some reason i placed an order for 12 shirts. So i got my shirts now and im loving how they turned out. I was actually able to sell most of my shirts. In the end im very happy of the turn out. Thanks.   -- Claire Bringham / Los Angeles, CA 90095
The imprint on the shirt was great! though on the shirt there was some loose thread but that was only on a few shirts and i dont think its their fault. Anyway service was excellent and the shipment came on time. So ill be using them in the future. -- Daniel Reed / Playa Vista, CA 90094
My shirts came in and they look great! Thanks guys! -- Tony Jacobs / Beverly Glen, CA 90077
Im very satisfied with their work. Especially with their service. I called in asking a good amount of questions and did a good job assuring me of their work. I'll definitely work with them again. -- Jane Peterson / Sawtelle, CA 90073
Lets see, My questions were answered fairly quick and my shirts came in a decent box that was packed pretty good. The shirts came out great. So id go to them again. -- Crystal Brooks / Century City, CA 90067
Got my shirts and love them. The quality was good so i have nothing to complain about. Thanks! -- David Kim / Mar Vista, CA 90066
I gotta give it up to these guys, the service was excellent. I called in placing an order and a few days later they called me and said my order was ready for pick up. i guess i called in at a good time. Thanks guys. -- Bruce Turner / Ladera Heights, CA 90056
The service was pretty decent. I got my shirts on time. Quality is good. So Thumbs up. -- Jake Dawnson / Brentwood, CA 90049
This company prints fairly well. I would recommend them to anyone whos looking for screen printing. Only problem i had was their mock up was slightly off. But it was still very close what i requested so im satisfied. Thanks again guys. -- Jamie Hayes / West Beverly, CA 90048
Love the shirts! Will definitely order again! -- Michael Greenwood / Mount Olympus, CA 90046
Out of the many places ive been to, to get my shirts done. Q-gifts is one of the best places to get custom printing done. I have had many questions for them and replied back very promptly. Anyway, i placed an order for 12 T-shirts with a 1 color print on them and it came out very well. The white really came out. I was expecting more of a dull white. So definitely check this place out for printing. -- Alan Thomas / Westchester, CA 90045
This was my first time ordering custom t-shirts online and so far with this company, im loving it. The work on the T-shirts were superb, they color matched my design and printed it very nicely. This place definitely changed my views for custom shirts. -- Bob Lam / West Fairfax, CA 90035
The shirts came out great! i was kind of worried about the colors but they show up so nicely on the shirt i was definitely surprised. Service was great! I will order again. Thanks guys! -- Linda / West Palms, CA 90034
Pretty good service. Got my shirts surprisingly fast. I would go to them again. -- Amy Tan / Sawtelle, CA 90025
Service was exceptional, fast shipping. So no problems here.  -- Jasaon Brahms / Westwood, CA 90024
I came across q-gifts when i was browsing the net for some low cost shirts. The service at q-gifts was wonderful. Got my shirts pretty quick. I'd definitely go to them again. -- Adam Ho / West Adams, CA 90016
The help I received from Maggie and Willie in their various departments were outstanding and I truly appreciate their expertise in the production of my shirt.  Kudos.  I will definitely come back to your company when my need arises for more shirts.--Jae R. / Austin, TX
Thank you for your on-time delivery for our custom screen print t-shirts.  Everyone in the radio station really likes the company t-shirts, caps and screen printed sport towel.  Keep up the good works.--Dianay / Los Angeles, CA
The photo image of the custom t-shirt comes out really nice, almost unreal for screen printing, thank you.--Eric Fernando / Los Angeles, CA
The Polo shirts uniform that we bought are in high quality.  The custom embroidery is clean and sharp looking.  The colors look great.  We love it.--Ken La / Walnut, Los Angeles, CA
Thank you for the fast turn around.  Everybody is very happy with their new uniform.  The t-shirt logo looks sharp!--Karen Lim / Covina, Los Angeles, CA
Good prices.  Good t-shirt printing.  Will see me order again.--Lisa M. / Azusa, Los Angeles, CA
I like your customer service and the email proof,  it's easy and efficient.  Screen print on the t-shirt shows very good details--Joyce / Advanced Graphic / City of Industry, Los Angeles, CA
Thanks for the beautifully done custom polo shirts.  All of our members love them.--Burt / Orange County, CA
Fast turn around, good service, will do business again.  We ordered american apparel t-shirts.--A & E Corp. / Los Angeles, CA
The electronic mock up allows me to visualize the finished products.  That helps me a lot in understanding what I am expecting from my order.  We ordered custom t-shirts.--Eugenia / Los Angeles, CA
Fast turn around,  exact same quality as previous orders.  I am getting a lot of attentions at trade show because of our eye catching custom table cover.--Serge / Big Star Moving / FL
Great jacket at wholesale price.  Great shirt screen printing.  All parents and students love them.--BJ / Orange County, CA
The giveaway screen print t-shirts you did for us was a big hit.  I can tell you this much, as soon as we started giving out the t-shirts, there were grid locks everywhere we went.  I will for sure do more custom t-shirts at the next E3.--Jenny / Los Angeles, CA
Good quality custom Polo shirts and great price.--Jeff / Los Angeles, CA
Thanks for doing a great job on my uniform shirts, drawstring backpacks and custom t-shirts with a short notice.  Good prices.  Keep it up.--Richard T. / Los Angeles, CA
Everyone loves the sport towel, it's a hit for our company picnic.  Thanks for rushing the order!--Fernando G. / San Francisco, CA
All my guests loved the stonewashed baseball caps you did.  It's natural looking and very comfortable to wear.--Billy / Maxwell Label / Los Angeles, CA
My whole crew likes the t-shirt very much.  Thanks for doing a beautiful screen print job.--Charlie Yu / El Monte, Los Angeles, CA
My employees look much more professional as a team when they wear the company t-shirt at the job sites.  Thanks!--Elie H / Alhambra, Los Angeles, CA
Thank you for getting ready this order in a short notice, all my students are wearing the logo t-shirts you printed.  They all look great.--Connie S. / Los Angeles, CA
The quality of the t-shirts and tank tops are really good.  The screen print of my trailer is really detail.  Thank you for doing a greeat job.--Chuck / San Gabriel, Los Angeles, CA
The concert t-shirts are really great.  I run out of them before the concert even started.--Kevin W. / Los Angeles, CA
I will definitely come back on my next custom t-shirts project.  Great service.--Tod / Los Angeles, CA
the economy tote bags are really nice, the screen print shows a lot of details even it's only a one color imprint.  The price is great, only $0.99 each.  I can finally afford to purchase my promotional products in good quantity.--Cory Y / El Monte, Los Angeles, CA
we ordered the UV protection sport shirt and UV protection t-shirt from you website.  It feels good to know that you are protected from sun burn when your job requires you to be outdoor.--K.G. / San Gabriel, Los Angeles, CA
The custom t-shirt we ordered was for our company picnic.  It's was really a great day of fun and t-shirt and flying disc you printed was sure popular at the event.--Amber / Bakersfield, CA
even though I didn't go for the special deal on custom table cover which required 10 pieces minimum, I am still saving a lot of money on custom table cover on your regular pricing.  Thank you!--Maria G. / Glendale, Los Angeles, CA
the american apparel t-shirts we got are awesome.  Fine jersey fabric with soft hand feel.  We did a 1 color screen printing,  it's simple, straight to the point and it looks great!  Thank you!  You will see us ordering more in the future.--Tony C. / Phoenix, AZ
I shopped for custom trade show table covers for a while, you guys really have the best prices around.  The table covers turn out nice and clean.  Thanks!--Tun / Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA
Our company t-shirt looks great!  Will come back again.--Simon Lee / Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA
It's so easy to order my custom T-shirts with help from your customer service.  Good job.--Smith / Alhambra, Los Angeles, CA
the american apparel t-shirts and polo shirts are beautifully done.  All employees in our bakery are wearing them and they sure look good.--Hunter / San Diego, CA
We ordered custom ringer t-shirts for our swimming team.  Everybody loves the quality of the screen print.--Lee Lu / Northridge, Los Angeles, CA
I shopped around, you guys have the best price in town. Will come back for more custom t-shirts.--Henry S / Alhambra, Los Angeles, CA
My friend from jazz club recommended you.  We order custom sweatshirts with embroidery and screen print.  They turn out great.  Thanks.--J.J / Whittier, Los Angeles, CA
The PVC key tags are in great detail, I think our audience would really keep this one.  Also thanks for getting us price for overseas production.--Fernando M / Burbank, Los Angeles, CA
your special deal on white custom t-shirt make the whole custom screen thing much easier than I anticipated.  No calculation on screen setup charge or other whatever setup charge, it's just as simple as 2.45 each t-shirt that's it! will do more business.--Tommy H / City of Industry, Los Angeles, CA



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I would like to thank you for such a great job on my custom t-shirts. The help I received from various departments were outstanding.
Luis Hernandaz - Los Angeles, CA
Fast service, one week delivery is perfect for our last minute order.  Good quality screen print.  Will do more custom t-shirts in future.  Ted H. - Los Angeles, CA

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