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Koi screen print t-shirts 

How many favorite colors do you have?  At least three if you are a koi fan.  Red, black and white are the three basic yet the most important colors in nishikigoi.  The three most popular koi types, Kohaku, Sanke and Showa are perfect examples.  Kohaku (red pattern on white ground), Sanke (red & black spot pattern on white ground) and Showa (red and black stripe pattern on white ground or red and white pattern on black ground) together are so called Gosanke.  Value in a koi depends on it's body conformation, color completion and pattern.  Because of my hobby in koi keeping, I was able to work with some local reputable koi dealers on their custom company t-shirts.  Below are some samples of them.  All prints were done in silk screen printing.  Color separations were either manually done in channels or by Simulated Process.  Production were done with M&R automatic 14-color press.  Please contact us if you are interested in customizing your koi t-shirts or have question about preparing your special artwork for silk screen printing.  Click here to get a quick quote in custom t-shirts and business apparel.

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Showa on gold t-shirt. Sanke, Shiro Utsuri and Kohaku (top to bottom) on slate blue t-shirt.
Showa on navy t-shirt. Kohaku on navy t-shirt.
Kohaku and Showa (top, bottom) on navy t-shirt. Kohaku on navy t-shirt. 
Kohaku on navy t-shirt.  Kohaku, pin design.
Thank you for your on-time delivery.  Everyone in the radio station really likes the shirts, caps and sport towel.  Keep up the good works.
Dianay - Los Angeles, CA
The photo image of the t-shirt comes out really nice, thank you.
Eric Fernando - Los Angeles, CA


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